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A Psychological/Survival Horror Game

Heavily inspired by Silent Hill & Stranger Things

Roam between alternate realities scourged by fear, madness & machinery. Solve puzzles, explore mysteries in an immersive storyline where your choices matter as you look for your missing girlfriend in this upcoming Psychological Survival Horror game.


What awaits you on the other side of the mirror
in this Survival Horror Game?

Who is Thomas Jackson?

You play as Thomas Jackson, a man who years ago got drunk and crashed his car in a tree, putting his girlfriend Jill in a coma and she lost her baby. She broke up with him the moment she woke up. Torn by guilt and sorrow for the love he lost, Thomas visits a psychiatrist who prescribes him some strong antidepressants. As if his past was not enough, today, he lost his only job because of the Pandemic.

Thomas still strongly believes that Jill will come back, that she will forgive him and they will get a second chance. That they can be the couple they used to be before his alcohol addiction. And then, he sees a video recording…

Every Madness Started Normal Once

Strange events begin to occur in Thomas’s apartment. Surreal voices, scratches on the walls, knocks and steps in the middle of the night. Little does he know that he’ll be thrust into a different, dark world of pain and machinery in this survival horror game. Reality warps all around him as atrocious beings haunt his every step. Alternate realities, nightmares beyond human comprehension and messages in blood saying: “Find me in Goreburg”.

Thomas believes that somehow Jill calls him for help. The moment he manages to escape this nightmare, he grabs his car key and rushes for Devil’s Womb Canyon where Jill was last seen.

She has mysteriously vanished

Jill, a reporter, went with her News team to Devil’s Womb Canyon where reportedly 3 buses of students suddenly disappeared without any trace. The police weren’t able to find anything for more than 2 months now. And all Thomas saw on the video was Jill and the News team running from a blue light resembling an explosion blast. Here is the beginning point of our psychological survival horror game.

There’s Something in the Dark

Mirror Forge is a psychological survival horror game featuring alternate dimensions wreathed in darkness and beings more terrible and vague than your worst nightmares. Solve puzzles, both logical and ones that require skill, survive seen and unseen beings, investigate and gather clues in a completely unfamiliar world as you try to avoid the grasp of utter madness when the world changes around you.

For Fans of Psychological / Survival Horror, Alternate Dimensions,
Fear of the Unknown, and lovers of immersive narratives.

Who is MystiveDev?

Game Development & Digital Marketing brand

MystiveDev is a Game Development (Game Design, Level Design, 2D & 3D Art) and Digital Marketing brand helping Indie Game Developers power up their game journey and release their dream game.

Its main purpose is to provide aspiring Game Developers knowledge and educational content of value, contribute to the global Indie Game Community and help more and more developers reach their dream of being full-time indie game developers.

A Personal Brand

MystiveDev was founded by Bobby Mojsovski – a Full-Time Solo Indie Game Developer , 3D Artist for 8 years and Digital Marketer for 3 years. Bobby’s work includes various hyper-casual, RTS and FPS games for clients, as well as his own games including a psychological survival horror game he worked on while he was the Lead Artist of Mystive Studios.

MystiveDev brand also provides 3D Modeling & Digital Marketing Services for enthusiasts. And lastly, it contains its own video games and products as an independent publisher.



What kind of game is it?

Mirror Forge is a first-person, single-player psychological survival horror game set in the present where your game choices will affect the ending. It focuses on character growth and development, immersive storyline and is heavily inspired by Silent Hill franchise and Stranger Things series.

Will the Game be released Full or in Chapters?

It is planned to be released as a full version, allowing players to enjoy the complete survival horror game experience from start to finish.

Will it be available on multiple platforms?

Currently, it is only for PC. However, there is a strong possibility that it will be ported to consoles too once the PC version has been finished.

How Much will it Cost and What is the Planned Game Time?

There is no particular price set as of yet, however, it would not cost more than $10. Regarding the game time, the main plot is planned to be approximately 4 hours (excluding the collectables and Steam Achievements).

Silent Hill & Stranger Things?

Exactly. The game’s design and visual art are heavily inspired by Silent Hill & Stranger Things. Most notably, the survival horror game environment and the “monsters” are symbolically designed, inspired by the way Silent Hill uses symbolism to establish its world.

When is the Game Coming Out?

The planned release is for Q2, 2022.

What are the Minimum System Requirements?

To be announced.

What Languages Are Supported?

Currently, it has an English voice only. However, there are plans for adding multiple other subtitles such as Chinese, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Russian and Polish in the future.

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